hello! i am linear. i also go by and have gone by some other names.

by day i semi-successfully pose as an eccentric human woman, employed as an embedded systems software engineer. this has required me to work with things such as Yocto Linux, Android, Builtroot, OpenWRT, FreeRTOS, etc. sometimes it involves me writing C/C++ code.

in my spare time, i have many hobbies that i pursue, most of which involve computers in some capacity.

i run the server (soon to be network) that is serving this web page to you.

i have an interest in computer history. sometimes i like to use and maintain computers that others might
consider obsolete. at some point i will add a list of them to this website.

sometimes i write code.
i have written a gameboy emulator that doesn't work very well, but was fun to write.
i spent some time optimizing the quake engine to make it run a bit faster on 486 PCs.
over the years, i have contributed to a semi-popular quake 2 mod and run a server for it.

when i was five years old, i learned how to write simple web pages in html, by hand.
i don't see why i should use anything else today.

it wouldn't be much of an exaggeration to say that i grew up in a server room.
i have the tinnitus to prove it.

i use NetBSD, and run it on many different computers and architectures.
sometimes i try to add support for it to various open source projects.

i am still busy setting things up here. there will be more things to look at later.
if you want to contact me, you can reach me by emailing any localpart on this domain.

you can speak to me in english, french, japanese, or hebrew. i probably won't be very good at those last three, but don't let that stop you.

Customer Service Live Chat! i like computer (a beveled rainbow flag) graphic design is my passion i support right to repair industrial workers of the world made with vi quake 2 now this website is gay i survived y2k best viewed with any browser join the fediverse

ipv6 ready